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Shippuden and RTN Ayame by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Shippuden and RTN Ayame :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 1 0 Uchiha Kagome by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Uchiha Kagome :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 1 0 Uchiha Yuki by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Uchiha Yuki :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 2 0 FNAF Oc-Toy Dainty Bear by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki FNAF Oc-Toy Dainty Bear :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 5 Hetalia State Oc-Molise by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Hetalia State Oc-Molise :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 2 Hetalia Oc-North Italy and the State Molise by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Hetalia Oc-North Italy and the State Molise :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 1 2 Tike by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Tike :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 0 Hetalia Oc's-Lovers of Different Worlds by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Hetalia Oc's-Lovers of Different Worlds :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 0 Uncle Ita-Chan by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Uncle Ita-Chan :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 1 0 SasUki? Sasori x Suki by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki SasUki? Sasori x Suki :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 0 Ciel and Alois by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Ciel and Alois :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 2 1 Suki Haruno by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Suki Haruno :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 1 0 Collab: First actual birthday by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Collab: First actual birthday :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 2 0 W-what?! by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki W-what?! :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 5 0 Father and Son by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Father and Son :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 2 0 Pose for the Picture! by ayami-uchiha-uzumaki Pose for the Picture! :iconayami-uchiha-uzumaki:ayami-uchiha-uzumaki 0 0


As i said, i am going to make my own undertale AU. Its like a little challange for me as i want to train how to create stories and even how to draw comics, i will now release the information i have gathered so far. with the help of my friends i hope i can pull of something decent >u< also this was :iconchibihearts249:'s fault! she pushed me so far to do this XD blame them!!
okay so what is demitale?
its an alternative universe to the amazing game undertale by toby fox which i must say now
so as you are warned now...
what is so different in my AU?
well basically after Asriels death everything went down. Asgore didnt react as soft as we know him from the canon~
to give you a better view on things i will put each main characters role in the AU which :iconprincesscurrent: was so nice to write them out so nicely Q u Q and also the character designes i already ha
:iconcrossoverdude:Crossoverdude 407 448
Garnet/Ruby/Sapphire x Reader: Prom Night Part 3
“(Y/N), when’s your date going to be here?”
This was about the twelfth time your Mother asked you this question in the past hour alone.
“In a few minutes, Mom…” you replied patiently, putting on the last of your prom outfit.
“Well, okay. I just want to know so we have time for some pictures.” your Mom said, before smiling at your formal wear. “Look at you, (Y/N). I can’t get over how great you look in that rental! It suits you perfectly!”
“Be sure not to spill anything on it.” Your Dad said, leaning against your doorframe. “If you do, it’s coming out of your college fund.”
You decided to go with something that was fairly color neutral, with only one bright red rose pinned to your chest. Ruby was naturally red after all, there was a good chance she would be in a red dress.
“I think they’re here!” your Mom exclaimed. You poked your head out of your bedroom window, and sure en
:iconboywithburninghands:boywithburninghands 62 12
Freddy Fazbear by Kamik91 Freddy Fazbear :iconkamik91:Kamik91 1,567 98 Minecraft: The Awakening Ch3 - 3 by TomBoy-Comics Minecraft: The Awakening Ch3 - 3 :icontomboy-comics:TomBoy-Comics 357 252
NordicsxLittle!Reader Ch.3
~Reader-chan PoV~ 
I gulped down as I inched closer to Emil rather than Tino. He kept saying he wouldn't hurt me, but how can I trust him? I closed my eyes and felt the car stop moving. Then I heard Lukas's voice call out, "Okay we're here." 
The doors opened and Emil unbuckled the seat belt, then picked me up. We walked into view of a building, then went inside. "Where are we going again?" I asked
Emil replied "We're going to a meeting at our friend America's place."
America? "Silly Emil America's a country not a person." 
Emil's eyes widened, "Oh uh, I meant Alfred." 
I saw the other's shift their eyes to Emil. We then walked into the building. Walking through halls I saw different american things like Flags and state pictures. Then we walked into a room. I saw lots of people and they all looked at me. Suddenly a man with long hair tied into a ponytail came up to me and ruffed my hair and said "Aww she's so CUTE!" 
He then tickled my stomach making me giggle.
:iconlove-hate-math:Love-Hate-Math 124 50
Cradle Robber ~BabyReaderX2PHetalia Ch. 21
Your anchor was gone. The only thing keeping you grounded, gone. You felt more vulnerable that you ever felt. More so than when you where taken. More than when your 2P tried to replace your existence entirely. More than when Al hurt you and Artie. More than when you were in the dungeon. All that time you had him. But now he's gone. Leaving you helpless and alone. 
You became more distant to your parents after what happened to Mr.Bunny. You stopped really enjoying yourself when your friends came over because as soon as you did you felt guilty that you were having fun while Mr.Bunny was somewhere rotting away. It was obvious that something had changed about you but when they tried to bring it up you'd lie and say you were just tired. But you could tell no one believed you.
"[Name]?" Bella asked questioningly as she waved her hand in front of you face in an attempt to gain your attention.
Bella and Dante were dropped off to play with you while their dads were out working.
"Hmm?" You
:iconcheezit1x1:Cheezit1x1 37 16
Elven Prince by Valentina-Remenar Elven Prince :iconvalentina-remenar:Valentina-Remenar 5,808 517 Sheep by Claparo-Sans Sheep :iconclaparo-sans:Claparo-Sans 2,470 50 The Fear Eater by LivtoDie The Fear Eater :iconlivtodie:LivtoDie 30 21
Drunk!2p!America x Chubby!Reader ~Body Party~
You knew you shouldn't.. But you did..
He trusted you the most and yet you did this to him...
God what have you done...
But it was too damn funny to not do what you did...
You can only imagine what his reaction will be the next morning..

~At the 2p!house~
"I *hiccup* fucking love you (Y/n) lil mama~" Allen said taking another swig of his beer. Mattheiu called you to come over to come and comfort Allen while he was out doing his rounds in town. You only agreed because of your huge crush on the rebellious American and knew that something hilarious might happen.
So here you are now... Sitting in the kitchen with a drunk American, with a videotape camera. "Oh? And why do you love me Allen?" You said with a raised eyebrow and a smile on your chubby face, "B-Because look at you...*hiccup* Your fucking sexy that it makes me, horny~" He slurred.
You blushed madly and tried to not bust out laughing, "Is there more to that?" You asked smugly and waited for him go on with the pr
:iconiinamine:iiNamine 359 96
~Good Morning~ Kirkland Brothers x Reader

Kirkland Brothers - Arthur, Alistair, Dylan, Seamus, and Peter

     "Wake up, ___!' Her shoulder shook, 'I want to play and hang out with you. Please, wake up!"
     ___ groaned, rolling over to escape the prodding and the shaking. She was much too tired to actually put up with anyone. She attempted to pull the covers over her head, but she could not. The person shaking her yanked the comforter away, jumping on top of her.
     "Peter,' a second voice called out, 'Get off the lass, she's tryna sleep. Can't ya see?"
     The bed stopped shaking, "Aw, but Alistair! I've been waiting all morning for ___ to wake up.' Peter replied, 'Seamus said I can wake her up if she was hungry! Pleaaaase help me get her out of bed."
     There was a quick sigh and ___ was heaved out of bed, "H-hey! What are you doing?!' she squealed, 'I'm trying to sl
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 180 10
~Good Morning~ The Russian Brothers x Reader

The Russian Brothers - Nikolai Arlovskaya, Ivan Braginsky, Demetri Braginskaya
     All that ___ knew was that she had a foot in her face, and another against her bum. Almost instantaneously, she shoved the person's foot from her face, knocking him right off the bed to the ground. She also took the liberty of doing the same for the other foot. With another clunk a second body fell to the floor. It was at this moment, ___ took notice to yet another body. She sat up as quickly as she could, glaring at the people she had kicked out of the bed.
     The male Ukrainian let out a small cry of pain, "That really hurt, ___!' he declared, 'You didn't have to kick me so hard! If my foot was in your face, you could h
:iconepicjaxx:EpicJaxx 199 18
Hetalia X Abused!Child!Reader
WARNING! This is swearing in this! But we have Romano is this chapter, so whaddya expect?
Please be aware that I own nothing of this story, not even you - the story line itself is merely an idea slung together from other's I have read myself. Some of the arguing I have taken from various sources, and do not claim to be my own idea.
Feel free to use as you wish.
LATEST UPDATE: France has now been written!

You felt your shoulder come into contact with the cold cerement of the pavement, and a white-hot pain shot through. You had no time to just lie there and cry though, as moments later, an empty beer bottle smashed against the floor, where your head had been no more than two seconds ago.
You small bare feet picking
:iconsarah-layton:SaRaH-lAyToN 978 1,264
Nordics x chubby!ready ch.3
Tino kept petting your hair as you slowly fell asleep. you had the warmth of five people acting as your blanket and it wasn't hard to stay comfortable.
"we should probably get her to her own bed." Lukas pointed out, "let her know that she can trust us not to do anything while she's vulnerable."
"but what if i want  to do something while she's this vulnerable?" Mathias smirked and looked down at your sleeping figure that would occasionally let out a soft whistle or snoring sound, Tino and him could barely contain themselves not to hug the life out of you.
"idiot, we ALL want to do  something, but we have self control. just keep it in your pants." Emil glared at him and the hand that was lightly rubbing small circles in your hip to relax you more.
"i know what we can do," Tino piped up suddenly, "Ber? could you hold her so we can get up with out her waking?" he nodded and got up from where your arms were sprawled over your head. he put his strong arms under you and
:iconkatyclassylady:katyclassylady 160 23
Lost Memories part 3

Zane: Look at yourself beautiful~
Zane staring down at Aphmau with a calm expression admiring his masterpiece. He noticed her cold emotionless expression and mentally laugh at the thought.
Zane: What's wrong, you can't smile for me
Aphmau: Who are you?
Zane took a moment to think of an excuse and he smirk of his soon to be response.
Zane: I am your master~
Aphmau: And who am I? 
Zane: You are my servant
Aphmau: What happened? All I can remember was something whispering to me and fire all around me
Zane looked away thinking of what to say then turned abruptly and told her what happened.
Zane: You were one of many attacked by the village Phoenix Drop, but don't worry your safe now and later on I'll tell you the whole story
Aphmau: Thank you Master~
Yea sorry if this is too short, but don't worry more will be told soon enough guys
:iconkrystalthehedgehog25:KrystaltheHedgehog25 31 113
Male Belarus X Reader Fan Fiction Eight!
Male! Belarus X Reader Fan Fiction Eight!
A slam was heard from a few aisles down followed by a small scream of a woman. The group had snapped their heads in the direction of the ruckus. A woman had run out of one of the far aisles, she practically glided on her shopping cart, away from the aisle. Dmitri stopped her, “What’s wrong?” He asked her calmly while he clasped her shoulders.
She looked at him with wide eyes but calmed down a bit. “T-t-there was a m-man that was peeking over the aisle towards this d-direction. H-he was j-j-just looking but then he suddenly launched something near me which made the items f-fall! So I ran past him!” She stuttered.
“Are you alright?” (y/n) asked her in concern. She nodded quickly. “Do you know how he looked like?” She asked another question to the trembling woman. People were beginning to make a crowd.
“I’m afr
:iconstellar513boyde:Stellar513Boyde 7 4


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